Dear mama of expecting multiples,

You are so lucky. Being pregnant with multiples is a magical time in your motherhood. I vividly remember four hands and four feet being pressed out of my belly at the same time. Oh, to experience that again would be an absolute joy, even though my pregnancy was no walk in the park. 

I want to give you the advice that I wish that I would have received when I first found out that I was pregnant with twins. I hope that you can take this advice and create the motherhood that you have always dreamed of creating. It doesn’t have to be like all of the blog posts that you’ve been reading.

You’ve got a lot on your mind as you grow these babies. My advice to you is to be very intentional about how you want to experience this time. Yes, the physical aspects of being pregnant are challenging, but we compound those physical challenges with unnecessary and unuseful mental chatter. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. 

Another thing that might be on your mind is the health of you and your babies. Trust me, I get it, you can read my story here, but again you get to decide how you want to experience this time. It can be full of worry, overwhelm, and stress or it can be full of faith, confidence, and peace. 

You will hear lots of opinions coming at you. You have motherly intuition that you can tap into to know what is best for you and your family. Trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Before those babies come, practice how you want to feel when both are crying, when you’re physically exhausted, when you are struggling to get them onto a routine, and every other challenge that you might face. In these moments, it is possible to be loving to yourself as you navigate these challenges. Many moms choose to engage in negative self-talk during these moments; this isn’t helpful. I believe that when we are compassionate with ourselves, it gives us the mental energy needed to solve the problem.

Lastly, you have everything inside of you to be an amazing mother. Believe it. Those babies were given to you, and therefore you are the best mother for them to have. Be present, don’t wish the time away. That is the #1 regret from moms. Embrace all that life throws your way.

I’m rooting for you.

Best of luck,


If you want help with any of this, I have created an online course, The MoM Method, that will guide you through all of this, and so much more, to help you get ready for those babies to arrive. The MoM Method is the course that I wish so desperately that I would have had the opportunity to take before having my twins. It would have saved me from a lot of regret, disappointment, and worry during those first few years with twins. I didn’t know that I could change how I experience my motherhood. Click this link and check out The MoM Method. You deserve to thrive in your motherhood, not just survive.

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