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lead instructor Andra Erickson

Unlocking the twin mom you were born to be

that’s my my mission because twin moms deserve to not miss out on the magic of being a twin mom. As a twin mom, coach, mental and emotional health expert, blogger, and podcaster, I’m committed to helping every twin mom make motherhood easier on herself so that she doesn’t miss the magic of being a twin mom.

My motherhood started out a bit challenging.

With babies in the NICU and a wife in the ICU, my sweet husband went home from the hospital alone on the day his sons were born.

Three weeks later, the twins graduated from the NICU and came home to two very inexperienced parents.

I remember looking in the mirror of my bathroom, myself and the babies the only ones home, and thinking,

“No one’s coming to save me. I’m the mom.”

Luckily, that realization empowered me to not sink into a pit of self-pity but gave me the strength to keep moving forward. Little did I know that I was only struggling because I didn’t know how to be a twin mom, yet.

I would tell myself daily that I’m doing a good job and that motherhood is a learning process.
I would give myself tons of grace to find the flow that my babies and I needed to go
throughout our day stress-free.
I would not put so much pressure on myself to stick to the boys’ schedule.
I would build my confidence daily by reminding myself of the small wins that I had each day.
I would stay in control of my time and not blame my kids when I didn’t take time for myself.
I would remember that I choose motherhood each day, so I might as well find ways to enjoy
it more fully.
I would decrease my exhaustion by being compassionate with myself as I developed as a mom.
I would eliminate mom guilt by being confident in my decisions, knowing that I can always go back and make adjustments.


I would make being a twin mom easier on myself so I didn't miss the magic of it.

This is your life, mama

Experience it how you want to. Let’s make motherhood with twins easier for you. 

Experience it how you want to. Let’s make motherhood with twins easier for you.

Make your twin mama journey easier today!